Who is Jake?

In 2018, amidst significant shifts in our family dynamics, I crossed paths with my now-husband, and his dog Jake became a part of my life. Their presence brought a sense of serenity that I had not experienced before. Fast forward four years later, when I made the decision to leave teaching, he once more offered me the support and motivation I needed to embark on my entrepreneurial journey.

Jake is no one particular breed of dog. In fact other than Lab/Retriever I have no idea what breeds he possesses. What I do know, is that Jake is one of the most amazing dogs you could ever know. He is and has been there for me through some of the most difficult times in my life. He is the most affectionate, expressive, obedient (most of the time), silly dog I've ever known. He loves to swim, help out by carrying things (like his own poop bags and groceries from the car), but most of all Jake LOVES adventures! He makes people laugh as he struts through the neighborhood carrying his own leash or poop bag. He LOVES for people to see what a good boy he is!

Jake has developed multiple tumor growths on his body, with some being new and others increasing in size. Upon researching, we uncovered that all commercially produced dog food and treats include cancer-causing preservatives to prolong their shelf life. These synthetic preservatives have been associated with various health issues in dogs, such as liver damage, cancer, cell damage, circulatory and nervous system impairment, and even poisoning. Furthermore, manufactured dog treats may contain synthetic preservatives, filler ingredients, refined and artificial sugars, animal byproducts, and other harmful components.

After realizing the importance of natural and healthy dog treats, we decided to make our own. This way, we could control the ingredients and ensure Jake receives the necessary vitamins and nutrients, along with a fresh and delicious snack. I regret not knowing this earlier, but I aim to raise awareness about the dangers of processed treats and offer better options to others. Jake means the world to me, inspiring me to transition from teaching to pursuing my passion and helping others. That's why he is at the heart of my company!