About Us

Covid-19 Changed my life! I, like many others, have been impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Before venturing into the realm of crafting homemade dog treats, I was a dedicated teacher. Although I cherished my role and the children I taught, the educational landscape transformed drastically due to the pandemic. The demands escalated significantly, alongside a surge in behavioral challenges, making it overwhelming for me. The incessant workload encroached upon my precious family time, exacerbating my anxiety to a point where tears became a daily occurrence. Returning home drained and disheartened became a routine.
Eventually, I reached a breaking point. With unwavering support from my husband, I made the difficult decision to step away from teaching and embark on my version of “happily ever after.” . The weight of responsibility and the anxiety lifted, granting me newfound insight into the possibility of “making this dream come true. Dogs and baking have always ignited my passion. Seeking solace and contentment, I naturally gravitated towards baking treats for dogs. My treats would allow dog owners to spoil their dogs with homemade, healthy treats made with human grade ingredients. Our treats are not only fresh, preservative free and healthy but baked with love in my own kitchen. Every gourmet dog treat I create is meticulously crafted from fresh, human-grade ingredients, devoid of any additives or preservatives.
Continuously exploring innovative, wholesome, and enjoyable treats for dogs, I rely on Jake, my inspiration and mascot, to serve as the discerning quality control and taste tester for all my creations. Jake's approval, alongside the positive feedback from our clientele, fuels my dedication.

As a sole proprietor, I currently handle all aspects of the business, from baking and packaging to labeling, shipping, events, social media management, marketing, and sales. While most of these tasks are new to me, I humbly request your patience as I navigate this uncharted territory. Acknowledging that homemade dog treats are not a novel concept, my primary aim is to deliver a superior product that allows pet owners to pamper their four-legged companions. I do all the work, you get all of the credit. I find immense joy in the creative process, concocting distinctive items like blueberry bacon treats and canine cannoli that delight both dogs and their owners.  Despite skepticism and perceptions of my decision as "unrealistic" and unachievable, my determination to challenge these notions remains unwavering. I firmly believe that everyone possesses something valuable to offer the world, and I am committed to enhancing the motivation, health and happiness of dogs and their owners through my endeavors.

with love,

Kerri Clement