About me

My name is Kerri Clement and I am a former teacher looking to following the advice I’ve given to my students as well as my own kids for several years now. “Find something you love and make a living doing it!”

After 10 years of teaching and teaching through COVID I made the decision to take a different path. I’ve decided to start a business doing something I’m passionate about, creating something my family can be a part of, and changing my future! With the help of my daughter we'd love the opportunity to exceed your expectations when it comes to healthy, gourmet dog treats.  Not only are our products filled with passion and love but they also include only the freshest ingredients. We hand-make each treat in our own kitchen and we don’t put anything in our treats that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.  We believe that real dogs deserve real treats.

Who is Jake?

I decided to center my business around Jake, my adopted dog, who came into my life in 2018 shortly after a whirlwind of changes in our family dynamics. Jake is no one particular breed of dog.  In fact other than Lab I have no idea what breeds he possesses.  :)  When people ask what breed he is, we just say, "He's a Jake".  What I do know is that Jake is one of the most amazing dogs you could ever know.  He is and has been there for me through some of the most difficult times in my life.  He is the most affectionate, expressive, obedient (most of the time), silly dog I've ever known.  He loves to swim, help out by carrying things (like his own poop bags and groceries from the car), but most of all Jake LOVES adventures! He makes people laugh as he struts through the neighborhood carrying his own leash or poop bag.  He LOVES for people to see "what a good boy he is!"  Jake has several tumorous growths on his body, some are new but others are growing larger, we did some research and found out that ALL manufactured dog food and treats contain cancer causing preservatives.  That is how they are able to keep them on the shelves for as long as they do.   "A few health-related issues that have been linked to synthetic preservatives in dog treats include liver damage, cancer, cell damage, damage to the circulatory and nervous systems, and even poisoning.  We discovered that manufactured dog treats can contain Synthetic preservatives, Filler Ingredient, Refined and Artificial Sugar, Animal Byproducts and several other harmful ingredients. So, we began to look into more natural and healthy dog treats and decided that we would just make our own.  That way, we would know exactly what was in them and we would be assured that Jake would get the vitamins and nutrients that he needs as well as provide him with something fresh and yummy to enjoy! I feel bad that I was so ignorant for so long.  I can't change that, but I can help others become aware of the hazards associated with manufactured treats as well as provide them with healthier alternatives. Jake is more than a dog to me and it is because of him that I am taking this leap of faith and leaving behind my teaching career to help others by doing something I love.  That is why he is the center of my company!

Who we serve

I'd like my company to cater to ALL types of dog owners and their fur babies.  Only dog people can understand the strong emotional connection you develop with a dog.  As I said, Jake is more than a dog to me, he is family! Unfortunately, dogs are not known to have an extremely long life span so we need to do what we can to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as they live.  Giving them homemade healthy treats is just one part of that.   

I'd love the opportunity to provide your dog with healthy gourmet dog treats that are made in my locally based kitchen with nothing but fresh ingredients and love. Along this journey I am hoping to introduce you to Jake and share some of our crazy adventures together. There truly is no other dog like him and I know you will fall in love with him just as I have.

We are a small family owned business that is extremely appreciative of your support.

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